Our doctrine is based on the Bible which is the Word of God, inspired by Him and revealed to men for the salvation of their soul.

The Bible teaches us that: God is the Creator of all that exists and that He is one in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Bible also teaches us that He is infinite, immutable, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, He is love, true and merciful.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God; His conception was virginal, He became man to save humanity, and in Him are two natures: Divine and Human. He died on the cross to redeem mankind from their sins, He descended to the lowest places on earth, He was in hell and rose from the dead to be seated at the right hand of God from where He intercedes for us.

The Holy Spirit is God, sent by the Father to father believers and dwells in them. He is the representative of Christ and was left on earth to be the comforter of the church until His return to the house of the Father.

Universal Salvation: God in His sovereignty and love created mankind, and having seen their sin, He decided to save us by giving His son as a means of rescue through His death on the cross. This rescue is received by grace; therefore man cannot do anything to achieve it. It is a divine gift.